The San Francisco Recreation and Parks department has outlined their plans for numerous upgrades to Alamo Square Park, which borders San Francisco’s famous €œPostcard Row€ of Victorian homes.

€œBasically, the park has a lot of issues. The irrigation system is leaking and corroded, the water pressure is too low, most of the lawn areas are underutilized, and the steep lawns on the Fulton and Scott street sides are difficult to maintain.€ €“Andrew Dudley,

The planned upgrades include replacing unusable lawn space with plantings, modernizing the irrigation system, and installing a booster pump to increase water pressure. New landscaping in the difficult-to-maintain areas would include €œno-mow€ grass and low-maintenance native flowering shrubs. The exact changes are still under review, but will include all the park’s entrances and most of its borders.


If the plans are approved, construction would be estimated to begin by Fall 2014.

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