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The first time a potential buyer walks into your house is one of the most influential moments in their decision process, so your preparation is of peak importance. Here are three tips for sellers to maximize your showing potential, courtesy of Trulia.

1. Check the computer view

Before the buyer ever steps foot in your house, they’ll likely have seen at least one kind of online advertising, so make sure you’re aware of what they’ll see. Take test photos of the interior and exterior of your house, and look at them on your computer. Does your living room look cluttered at screen-viewing size? Does the reflection in your bathroom mirror make the room look bigger, or smaller? Get a buyer’s perspective by using the buyer’s media.

2. Walk through with an outsider

Do a walkthrough of your home with someone you trust. Tell them to be honest with you about what they see, hear, and smell€”chances are there are defects you’ve lived with so long that you just don’t see them anymore.

3. Curate your curb appeal

Walk past your house. Look at it from across the street. Walk up your front steps. Inspect your driveway, walkway, decks and patios. Make note of any cracks, stains, overgrown shrubbery, or bare spots on the lawn. These are high-priority fixes if you don’t want the buyer to get a bad impression before they even get in the front door.

Sometimes it only takes a little effort to make a big difference in how a buyer sees your home; an expert agent can help you prioritize repairs, decide whether to remodel, and recommend professionals to help you get everything done. For help getting your home ready to sell, contact Michelle Balog at 415.810.7890 or

Check back next week for three more showing tips for home sellers.

Source: Trulia Pro

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