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The first time a potential buyer walks into your house is one of the most influential moments in their decision process, so your preparation is of peak importance. Here is a second round of tips for sellers to maximize your showing potential, courtesy of Trulia.

Last week’s tips: Three Showing Tips for Home Sellers

1. Silence the strange sounds

Creaky floors and stairs, wobbly handles, rattling windows, and loose doorknobs may seem like minor annoyances, but they contribute to making your house feel like it’s in poor repair. A new doorknob or oil on a squeaky hinge is a cheap, quick fix that can go a long way toward making your home feel quiet and well-built.

2. Clear the way: de-clutter

Clear off your counter tops. Any flat surface should be as bare as possible. Closets, cabinets, kitchen counters, desks and your bathroom vanity should be as clear as you can manage. Tuck away anything you won’t absolutely need while your house is being shown, or hide bins with your most-needed items in a cabinet where they’ll be easy to retrieve but out of sight. Move excess furniture and clothing to storage or donate it. A buyer needs to be able to imagine how they’ll live in your home, and it’s harder to do that without a blank slate. Think of it as an experiment in minimalist living.

3. Consider staging to speed up the process

Home staging professionals are experts at using furniture, placement, lighting and accessories to make the best possible impression on potential buyers. They can stage both your home’s interior and exterior, including your deck, patio or yard. Staging can dramatically reduce your home’s days on market and make a hard-to-sell property move that much quicker. Ask an agent if staging makes sense for your home; a higher selling price will often make up for the cost.

Sometimes it only takes a little effort to make a big difference in how a buyer sees your home; an expert agent can help you prioritize repairs, decide whether to remodel, and recommend professionals to help you get everything done. For help getting your home ready to sell, contact Suzy Reily at 415.308.8040 or

Source: Trulia Pro

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