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The Sunset District has historically represented less than 1% of the development of new housing in the city, but that could change in the next ten years with the implementation of the new Sunset District Blueprint [PDF] introduced by Supervisor Katy Tang. The plan’s goals:

  • “Identify areas where additional housing can be built on underutilized lots and along transit and business corridors, and engage property owners, the community and developers.
  • Create vibrant, mixed-use development responsive to community needs on currently underutilized sites.
  • Ensure that any growth in the Sunset District does not adversely impact the existing residential neighborhood character.
  • Encourage development of housing that serves a variety of household types.
  • Support housing for middle income households.
  • Work with Planning Department on their citywide effort to revise Residential Design Guidelines for easier understanding and a smoother process for property owners.
  • Encourage development of new housing or remodeling of existing housing to accommodate seniors and individuals with disabilities by promoting universal design principles.”

At least 1,000 additional housing units could be built on the Sunset’s existing transit and commercial corridors without any changes to existing height limits and zoning by filling vacant lots and rebuilding underutilized buildings. Focusing new housing and redevelopment efforts on commercial corridors would help maintain the Sunset’s residential character while still providing additional housing for middle-income residents, seniors, and people with disabilities. While the Sunset District Blueprint is currently only a guideline, it reflects the sentiments and needs of neighborhood residents, who have previously been reluctant to embrace new construction but are now directly asking for it and providing input about how they’d like to see it happen.

For more information about new developments in the Sunset District and throughout San Francisco, contact neighborhood real estate professional Marco Wan at 415.699.4178 or

Source: Curbed SF, Photo by Phil Whitehouse via Curbed SF

Updated 8/27/14: changed headline and second and third paragraphs at the request of Supervisor Tang’s office.

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