Will inventory bottom in 2013? Jed Kolko, chief economist of Trulia, has shared his predictions for the real estate market this year, with analyses of what happened in 2012 and how we can expect things to change this year.

OUT: Will Home Prices Bottom? IN: Will Inventories Bottom?  The big question this year was whether home prices had finally hit bottom. We now know the answer is a resounding €œYes€: every major index shows asking and sales prices rising in 2012. The key question in 2013, though, is whether prices will rise enough so that for-sale inventory€“which has fallen 43% nationally since the summer of 2010€“will hit bottom and start expanding again. The sharp decline in inventory was a necessary correction to the oversupply of homes after the bubble, but now inventory is below normal levels and holding back sales, particularly in California and the rest of the West. Rising prices should lead to more inventory, for two reasons: (1) rising prices encourage new construction, and (2) rising prices encourage some homeowners to sell. The big question for 2013 is whether today’s price gains will continue strongly enough to encourage builders to build and homeowners to sell. Why it matters: more inventory will lead to more sales and give buyers more homes to choose from.

So far this year inventory has continued to drop. For more information about how this will affect your home sale or purchase, contact real estate professional Kristen Stuecher at 415.948.4888 or kristen@climbsf.com.

Source: http://pro.truliablog.com/industry-2/housing-in-2013-whats-in-whats-out/

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