After a month of testing, Climb Labs has concluded its Snapchat experiment. They were looking into the viability of Snapchat as a marketing tool for brokerages and realtors. Head over to their blog and read about what they learned.

Hey, maybe your credit score isn’t as high as you’d like it to be – but you’re reading this article, aren’t you? That’s a good start. As you probably know, improving your credit score before you apply for a mortgage is a really good idea: rates are heavily based on your FICO score, meaning that a higher score […]

Top producer Kristen Stuecher was recently interviewed by real estate technology startup HomeLight. She talked about her daily routine and why having a great agent is critical for a positive buying or selling experience. Check it out here.

Climb Labs is three weeks in to their experiment, and they have new insights. Read them here.

#SindeoSitDown is back and this time, we’re talking first-time homebuyers! From helping your client understand how much they can afford, to sorting through the various loan options available to them, this webinar will cover everything your homebuyer will need to know when looking to finance a new home. We will also take a look at […]

As part of an ongoing experiment, Climb Labs has pulled more info from their team of Snapchat testers. Take a look at what they learned here.