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The city has announced which developers will be allowed to build new construction on three of the Hayes Valley parcels along Octavia Street that were created by the demolition of the old Central Freeway. Parcels R and S were awarded to Build Inc, and Parcel T was awarded to Linden Partners. All three plots are planned for residential or mixed-use housing development.

Build Inc., who will be developing Parcels R and S on Octavia between Oak and Page, is best known for creating Esprit Park. They’re also the developer for Parcel P, formerly the Hayes Valley Farm, which will become an Avalon Bay apartment building. Parcels R and S have been being used as a temporary community garden by Project Homeless Connect; the land is expected to be cleared and ready for pre-construction starting July 4th. The market value of the 5,940 sq. ft. combined parcel as estimated by the City is $1.64 million. “The quality of development on Parcel T and our other Hayes Valley sites is central to the community’s long-term vision for the neighborhood,” says Joe McMillan, Chairman and CEO of DDG. “Our team has proposed a design and retail concept, with a ground floor that acts as a living room for the neighborhood, to really further these goals.” (CurbedSF)

Linden Partners, a partnership between DDG and DM Development, has been spearheading other new development projects in Hayes Valley, including 8 Octavia, 400 Grove, and 450 Hayes. They’ll be building on the 5,502 sq. ft. Parcel T (on Octavia between Page Street and Rose Street), which was valued at $1.65 million.

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Update: CurbedSF found renderings of the designs for parcels R and S and more details about what the buildings will include: a total of 50 new residential units, including “group housing” and “private suites.”


They also have more information and a rendering (with a badly-rendered selfie?) for Parcel T:


Top Photo Source: torbakhopper via CurbedSF

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