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If you have a comment about our site, suggestions on how to improve it, updated information/data for us, news contributions you would like to make, or photographs of projects and neighborhoods you would like us to post, you can either contact us directly or use the form below.

If you would like help and advice in purchasing real estate or in selling your home, we have an expert team of real estate agents who can help you. To reach an individual agent, take a look at our Agent Page.

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Vendors, PR, Outside Contributors, Advertising

E-mail your inquiry to and we will pass it along to SFNewDevelopments’s managing editor of content.

Work with Climb Real Estate and SF New Developments

We may have opportunities available for:

  • Experienced real estate agents in all areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, especially those in areas with significant new development projects
  • People proficient in WordPress blogging and in urban real estate, architecture, and urban planning
  • Photographers
  • Web Developers with experience in SEO as well as Graphic Designers

For opportunities with Climb Real Estate, contact us at

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