Map of Tech Shuttle Bus Routes from SF to Silicon Valley

A little over 6 months ago, SFhotlist wrote about a beautiful (and useful!) map of tech company shuttle routes from San Francisco to Silicon Valley.  Created by local design firm Stamen, this map started popping up everywhere, and for good reason; a lot of people wanted to know what all the fuss was about. The map tracks the routes, stops and frequency for the private buses run by Apple, eBay, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Google and Yahoo.

What do private shuttles have to do with San Francisco real estate?  In this town, quite a bit, apparently! Our resident Realtor-to-the-tech-world, Danielle Lazier, looked at the shuttle bus from a real estate point of view.

She found that the buses:

  • Allow people the pleasure and the freedom to live in San Francisco and work outside of the city
  • Build community for those who ride them
  • Increase house values along the routes
  • Decrease traffic on the 101 and 280

But (and there is always a “but” in this kind of situation) they also increase discontent among those neighbors who preferred their sleepy, Muni-free blocks to remain void of large, luxury vans and buses that cause minor traffic headaches on our narrower streets because of their size.

All in all, the San Francisco to Silicon Valley tech shuttles have made an impact on how we live and work in the Bay Area.

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