February 11, 2016 8:47 pm
hayes valley stock 11

Have you ever noticed when anyone asking if you want to go for coffee most of the time your mind immediately goes to Starbucks or Peets? Why not try something different and more local to San Francisco? A quick stroll down the main street of Hayes Valley boasts an eclectic assortment of options. Are you […]


Homebuyers use online tools to find the right property in the right neighborhood at the right price. And with the proliferation of smartphones, many of these tools can be accessed on the go with up to the minute information on what’s for sale and where. Sindeo compiled a rundown of the best apps and websites […]


Nationally, homeowners pay over $6,000 each year for unavoidable costs, so it’s important to be aware of these expenses when creating your budget for a new home. While it makes sense to start off with how much you currently pay in rent and work from there, note that being able to afford $2,100 a month […]


Who’s your mortgage superhero? Sindeo is swooping into major markets across the nation to simplify mortgages and save the day…and they need your help! Do you know smart, talented mortgage pros? Tell Sindeo what makes them superheroes! Enter Sindeo’s Superhero Sweepstakes for a chance to win: $1000 finder’s fee (within 30 days of your superhero’s […]


In the year prior to applying for a mortgage, it’s important not to rock the boat when it comes to your credit score and overall finances. Make sure you avoid anything that could hurt your chance of qualification before and during the application process. Under the new federal disclosure rule (TRID), a lender cannot require you […]


When it comes to buying a home, understanding the lingo is key to understanding the process. Sindeo wants you to feel prepared for the process and has highlighted the top terms you should know when applying for a loan. Even better, they have an entire glossary of terms in an easy to read downloadable PDF. […]