December 1, 2015 1:32 pm

In the year prior to applying for a mortgage, it’s important not to rock the boat when it comes to your credit score and overall finances. Make sure you avoid anything that could hurt your chance of qualification before and during the application process. Under the new federal disclosure rule (TRID), a lender cannot require you […]


When it comes to buying a home, understanding the lingo is key to understanding the process. Sindeo wants you to feel prepared for the process and has highlighted the top terms you should know when applying for a loan. Even better, they have an entire glossary of terms in an easy to read downloadable PDF. […]


Sindeo is all about preparing you for homeownership, and getting a loan is a major step in the process. But before you can get a loan, you must qualify. When it’s time to qualify for your loan, there are three different levels of qualification: Pre-Qualification Pre-Approval Bulletproof Pre-Approval Sindeo has got the skinny on what […]


New to the mortgage process? Understanding loan types can be a daunting task. But don’t get discouraged! Sindeo is breaking down your options to help you understand the benefits and tradeoffs of picking one over another. Take a look! Between terms, ARMs, conforming and jumbo, the loan lingo can get a bit overwhelming. Get a side-by-side comparison […]


San Francisco is a city of stunning views and beautiful architecture. Take a stroll through any neighborhood and you’re bound to discover some amazing sites. We’ve compiled a list of five walks that will guide you through some of the most creative architectural spots in the city (and beyond). San Francisco real estate agent Danielle […]


Once you have decided to take the next step into homeownership, you need to look at what you can truly afford before shopping. Knowing how much you can afford is more than knowing how much money you qualify to borrow. You need to look at your complete financial picture and understand how purchasing a home fits into […]