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NEWS FLASH: If your mortgage is older than four years, it’s time to consider the advantages of refinancing your home. Here are three telltale signs that refinancing is right for you: 1. Interest Rates Are On Your Side In general people refinance because current interest rates are lower now than back when the loan was created. Let’s say you had a $500,000 mortgage in 2011 […]

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Do you know what real estate technology is actually saving you time and money? Or helping you streamline your systems? Technology helps you stay on top of your sphere, but is it helping you generate more business? Sindeo sits down with Jack Miller, president and CTO of Swanepoel T3 Group, to learn what tools are helping you […]


After a month of testing, Climb Labs has concluded its Snapchat experiment. They were looking into the viability of Snapchat as a marketing tool for brokerages and realtors. Head over to their blog and read about what they learned.

Credit Score Tips

Hey, maybe your credit score isn’t as high as you’d like it to be – but you’re reading this article, aren’t you? That’s a good start. As you probably know, improving your credit score before you apply for a mortgage is a really good idea: rates are heavily based on your FICO score, meaning that a higher score […]


Top producer Kristen Stuecher was recently interviewed by real estate technology startup HomeLight. She talked about her daily routine and why having a great agent is critical for a positive buying or selling experience. Check it out here.


Climb Labs is three weeks in to their experiment, and they have new insights. Read them here.